About the Artist

Malcolm James Murgatroyd - Fine Art Photographer

MJM is a Fine Art photographer and Digital Artist. He has been exhibiting his work in leading galleries throughout the Europe and the UK for over thirty-five years. He is currently living within the Snowdonia National Park in North West Wales. This stunning scenery forms the setting for much of his current work.

As a person MJM is complex, he is intuitive, passionate and reflective, combining these traits with his playful sense of humour. MJM is fascinated by people, he applies what he has learned over the years from his study of anatomy and psychology to his art. He is absorbed by and curious about how people think, how they move, how they learn, how they communicate with one another and who they are. His observations, carefully collected and stored in his mind, inspire the photographs he takes.

MJM was trained as an engineer. An engineer's best asset is his ability to problem solve, to step into the heart of a problem and to use what he knows to achieve the required result. MJM combines this ability (as those who know him as an engineer have seen) with his strongly developed intuition in order to make visually concrete the emotional content of the image he sees.

MJM uses landscapes, seascapes, agricultural sites and ruined industrial sites as the backdrop to carry the messages that operate within the realms of our subconscious, messages that talk to us personally or probe our taboos. The environments within which the photographs are taken work as a foil to the models who pose under his precise direction. These amused and long suffering models provide the scale, the geometry, the texture, the power and, very importantly, the emotional content of the image.

More often than not the models are shown as impersonal studies which disconnects them from the whole image, thus giving more freedom for the viewer to reach the heart of what the Art is saying to them personally.

MJM's models are ordinary people of all ages from all walks of life. For MJM beauty comes from deep within a person and speaks clearly through their form. It is not age related as modern marketing would have us believe.

MJM's work is affordable and with his growing global reputation his clients collect his work for its probing artistic merit and investment value. MJM's methods push digital and printing technology to the limits of technical precision and realistic affordability.

"For me, art is a language in its own right. Art speaks to us and conveys its messages be they hidden or obvious. Ideas are often formed by seeing a simple, inspiring and fleeting glance from another, the feelings evoked drive me to do what I do creatively. Thank you for taking the time to see, feel and understand my Art." MJM 2016