MJM started using Canon cameras and lenses when he first began taking photographs; he continues to do so today.

“I see no reason to change since Canon’s photographic equipment is, in my opinion, the best for my work.”

In his studio he uses all manner of lighting rigs, reflectors, stands, gantries, backdrops, stage weights, fabrics and lots of unusual props, these are modified and rebuilt as necessary depending on whatever is being worked on at the time. The finishing of MJM’s art is achieved over time using his imagination together with a very powerful graphics workstation computer, designed and built by him. MJM uses the very latest versions of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Bridge, Adobe Lightroom and various ‘Plug-in’ software products such as Piccure+ and Anthropics PortraitPro, Anthropics PortraitPro Body and Adobe Digimark, together with professional digital videographic software products such as Avid and for calibration, Datacolor Spyder4 device and software.

Bespoke Prints

MJM’s photographs are printed and hand finished by one of two specialist printing companies based in London. Each print is either Giclee printed or laser C-type printed onto high quality, acid-free photographic papers. Each process it to the very highest standard and definition available. The Giclee prints use archival pigment inks employing either an 8 pass colour or 4 pass monochrome 1440dpi process. Laser C-type printing employs specialist photo-emulsion printing papers. Both methods protect the image from depreciation over time, even staving off the adverse effects of harsh UV light and atmospheric damage.

The prints will not fade or lose definition – guaranteed! After printing each print is then exhibition mounted and framed using the finest quality materials to the highest standards of expertise. The handmade hardwood frames are assembled using various renewable and sustainable African forest timbers. All other materials are recyclable including the optically pure Plexiglass and Acrylic safety glazes.

On the rear of each picture is a signed registered Limited Edition Provenance certificate detailing the pictures printing information and product history.